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To prohibit the FRep’s recording/replaying in specific app, set available app list in this screen.
CHECKED apps are available, i.e. FRep can record/replay in CHECKED apps, and FRep stops recording/replaying soon when UNCHECKED apps are detected.

Screen LayoutFRep Available App

- (App List)
All apps in the device, except FRep, Phone and Google Play which are restricted by default.
Uncheck apps to restrict FRep operation.


- Restore
Reset to initial state.

- Check All
Check all apps to permit FRep in all apps.

- Uncheck All
Uncheck all apps to inhibit FRep in all apps.


– FRep notification will show “FRep protected”, in UNCHECKED (restricted) app and FRep self, Phone and Google Play.

– If you encountered unexpected “FRep protected” notification in CHECKED apps, tap the notification and send the shown popup message to support address.  (see FAQ/troubleshooting)

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(USB host adapter to connect between 2 Androids, for FRep setup tool for Android)

(Bluetooth keyboard for KeyTrigger)