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FRep Tutorial 1 (Basic)

FRep Setup tool for Android

To test the Image Match

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Wait Image control is for better reproducibility of the replay, by comparing current screenshot with recorded one.  With Progress recording mode, you can get sample sequence with Wait Image for initial touch point for each recording term.

*Before trial, confirm the Option: Screenshot is ON.

1. Launch FRep app, and set RECORD SETTINGS as Progress.
2. Record some operation.
*Try pausing your operation at the timing of Image Match when you want, and confirm the popup “Ready to Continue Recording..”, then continue operation after the popup disappear.
3. Start Manage Traces and Tap the left label on yellow button of the record, to open Edit Sequence.
4. Confirm the “Wait Image” item exists, with [Skipped] and grayout.
5. Tap the image icon of the item, to check the contents of Image Match. (See the circle or hole shape image at first touch point on the record).
6. Tap the Number of the “Wait Image” to be tested, for enabling the it by release from [Skipped] state.
7. Back to app which it was recorded, and try replaying.

*If the Image Match do not generated with progress mode, see also Troubleshooting.

**You can generate your own Image Match area/mask by adding control manually.

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USB OTG adapter

USB OTG cable

USB OTG (host) adapter to connect between 2 Android devices, for FRep setup tool for Android

Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard for KeyTrigger

Silicone stand

Tablet stand