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– Xiaomi

Recording cancelled, no input device in FRep System Info. (on Redmi, Mi series)
Replay cancelled, while input devices exist in FRep System Info.
(on Android 10 Mi 9T Pro, PocoF1)
Check ON USB debugging (Security settings)* in Developer options of Android settings, which is specific for Xiaomi devices.  After switching it ON, reboot Android and use FRep Setup Tool.

*USB debugging (Security settings) may require signing in Mi account.

– Huawei

Touch operations are ignored or confused by Android after interruption of replaying touch operations
Please try setting Clean up touch signals: Reassign all slots (or Reassign all slots on interruption) in System settings.

FRep Setup Tool does not work (after updating to Android 9, etc.)
If the error message is “/sdcard/Android/data/com.x0.strai.frep/files/strserv: No such file or directory”, check the Android Settings – Memory and Storage – Default location.  If it is set as SD card, switch it to Internal storage (Note: please be careful that it will affect other apps’ data location), then reboot Android device, start FRep app, try FRep Setup Tool.

– Asus Zenfone Max M2, Max Pro M2 (Android 8, 8.1)

FRep crashes on replaying records or sequences.
From the reports on some specific environments with Android 8 and 8.1, the notification popup (Toast) fails to be processed by Android OS (ref. StackOverflow).  Try switching OFF Notify Play Process in Rec/Play Settings option.

– LG LGS02, L-01J with Android 6

The screenshots in preview are rotated incorrectly / Wait Image always fail.
From some reports, the rotations of taken screenshots by FRep are different from ones on standard Android 6.  Try switching Screenshot Rotation to As-Is(Android ~5) in Screenshot Settings option.

LG V20 Pro, L-01J

The touch position is shifted when Touch Screen or Image (with Tap center option) control is played.
The touch position is shifted in preview.

It is caused by the offset of the range of touch input device and the main screen, i.e. touch input device has extra range for second screen.  Do Calibrate Input and push Diff Conf. button, then set 160 at the top box in the panel for the offset of second screen.

– Moto G5

After interruption of replay, FRep app does not respond.
Try switching Clean up touch signals to Reassign all slots in System Settings option.

– SAMSUNG Galaxy Series, Samsung DeX supported on Android 10

strserv stops when USB cable is disconnected after setup with PC/Mac
Galaxy Note 9 (Android 10), Galaxy S20 Fe do not keep strserv process even with USB connection mode: File transfer (MTP) as described in Galaxy devices specific workaround.   From user’s report, installing Samsung DeX to PC fixes the issue, to keep strserv process after the setup and USB disconnection.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Series (Samsung Knox installed)

Wait Image or Take Screenshot fails.
Workaround: try switching Temporary Directory in Screenshot Settings option.  If your device is rooted, see also the [Rooted] sections below.

‘An application has been forced to stop for an unauthorized attempt to access system in your device’ message shown
Obviously it is shown by Samsung Knox, which is specific security for Samsung’s devices/updates.  If you use stock ROM, please inform us whether FRep works or not, with the environments of Model No., Android version, Knox availability, and rooted or not. The results of following workarounds will be appreciated too!
reference about the message

[Rooted] Replay of Push Key, Type Text, Touch Screen fails
Try checking Off Use As-Is UID (Rooted) in System Settings option.

The recording stops soon after a touch / Cannot record or replay image match, with shown E icon at notification bar
Workaround 1. [Rooted only] Check Off “Use As-Is UID (Rooted)” in System Settings option.
Workaround 2. Switch “Temporary Directory” in Screenshot Settings option.
Workaround 3. Check Off “Save Screenshot” in Screenshot Settings option, to skip issue.  Or, please try to set “Screenshot Method” to Read Framebuffer instead of Off that, and then please report to us whether it works or not.
Workaround 4. [Rooted only] Do not use rooted mode launch.  Prohibit FRep to use su in SuperSU,  Superuser or such, and then connect PC/Mac/another Android to setup by FRep setup tool.

– SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 / edge

Touch or Wait Image fails after updating to Android 7.
Updating to Android 7, Galaxy S7 changes its screen resolution to FHD (Full HD) from previous one.  Please switch it back to previous resolution, and reboot Android to reset the resolution info of FRep app.

SAMSUNG Galaxy series (Common)

Touch operations over popup notification (toast) are ignored
Since the toasts of Galaxy series absorb the touch operation, take care when you replay/edit records including touch over/around them. You can suppress toast in playing either by setting Notify Play Process option OFF, or set the Label empty in Edit Sequence.

The setup tool fails and shows “error:device not found” even after installation of Samsung Switch/Kies.
Please try to install the 3rd party’s driver.  We hear from many S2 users succeeded with that.

– OnePlus One A0001

The setul tool exits without error message, or with “←7←[r←[999;999H←[6n←8”
Download and extract another setup tool script from following, and place it to the same folder with win(.bat), or  Then, try it.

– NEC CASIO Medias X

The record/replay includes sleep
Case 1. FRep records/replays SLEEP button. Please try to push POWER button to finish recording.
Case 2. Before recording, switch to “Till Gap” at RECORD SETTINGS in FRep launcher app.

– Sony (Sony Ericsson) Xperia series

Where is the driver for my Xperia?
Retrieve from here.

– Fujitsu Arrows series

Where is the driver for my Arrows?
Search and download from the bottom of here (Japanese).

F-05F, F-02G(after update to build V09R24D): Suddenly FRep fail to replay / record touch operations
This problem is modified but not solved (FRep 3.8).  Check the System Info screen and if there are not TOUCH (MULTITOUCH) devices, reload from menu to recover.

Touch operations are ignored by Android after interruption of replaying touch operations
This problem is fixed (FRep 3.8).  If you found similar problem, please inform us with the screenshots of System Info and the preview of the played record.

– Google nexus series

Where is the driver for my nexus?
Retrieve from here.

– Panasonic ELUGA

Where is the driver for my ELUGA?
Retrieve from here.

– Kyocera

Where is the driver for my device?
Search and download from here (Japanese).

– Models on which touch devices can not be access suddenly

This problem is modified but not solved (FRep 3.8).  From research on model F-05F, even on USB debugging connection, the touch input device disappears in the list irregularly, and the cause is unknown at present.

F-05F, F-02G(after build No. V09R24D)
Y336-02, G6-L22

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