FRep Setup tool for Windows

FRep Setup tool for Windows

Download (Updated 6 Jul, 2018)
(This tool supports FRep 4.5 or later)

Archive of the setup tool of FRep (Android App.) for Windows.

For Windows, you need install the ADB driver (or shown as driver for developer) of your device for USB debugging connection.

Retrieve the driver for developers from following link and install it.
Drivers for Google nexus series are here.
* If you cannot find your device vendor in the list, visit the maker’s site and retrieve/install the driver (may be shown as “driver for developers“, or “ADB driver“).

1. Download and Extract the zip file on Windows PC.

2. On your Android, launch FRep once and check ON the USB debugging, by checking it in the setting. FAQ: Location of USB debugging

3. Connect your Android device and Windows PC with USB cable(*).

4. On Windows, start setup script by double-clicking win.bat, which may be shown as “win”.
– If “Permission denied” error is shown, retry with win_alt.bat, which may be shown as “win_alt”.
– On Android 8, confirm the message about USB connection mode.

5. Confirm message “Server Started ~” and close the window.

6. Then, you can disconnect Android.

7. (Only on Android 5.0.2 or later) Switch ON “FRep Accessibility Service” in Android Settings -> Accessibility.

Keep the extracted files to re-setup on the Android reboot or program update.
If you have any trouble on setup, please refer the troubleshooting page.

(Previous version is here.)
*Use USB cable which supports data transfer. (Cannot connect by cable only for charging)


(USB host adapter to connect between 2 Androids, for FRep setup tool for Android)

(Bluetooth keyboard for KeyTrigger)