Privacy Policy

SimpleTouchPad Application Privacy Policy

(Japanese version is here)

1. Collection and purpose of use of the user information

(1) The user information that SimpleTouchPad collects “for functionality” is as follows. The user information will not be sent to the external, i.e. other machine or other application. However, when responding to inquiries from users, such as when there is a problem using this application, we may ask the user to provide information including the followings.

i) Operation contents with fingers (Accessibility service)
To reflect the touch on the pad console, the recording and replaying the finger operations by Accessibility service.

ii) Running foreground application (Usage stats)
For recognition of current app to change the visibility of the pad console.

iii) Installed apps
To select launch target apps or shortcuts.

iv) Device model name, input devices, OS version, time of use, error message
To research for support in case of problems.

2. Transfer to third parties

SimpleTouchPad does not have function to send the user information.

When we received the user information via e-mail for support from the user:

The usage status (device model, OS version, screen resolution, in-app settings, and other information related to the operation of the app, etc.) without personal information may be posted in FAQs on the support site, or be passed on as a reference to other users who encounter similar problems.  In both cases, we will use that information for support purposes only.

The information including personal information (name, mail address, source IP address, screenshots, and other personally identifiable information) will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the consent of the user.  However, the following case is excluded.

i) When we are requested to provide the information by a government agency in accordance with laws and regulations.

3. Suspension of collection

The collection and use of the user information can be stopped by uninstalling this application.  However, we may continue to use the usage status sent by the user to us via e-mail within the scope specified in Article 2.

4. Children under the age of 13

We do not intentionally obtain user information of children under the age of 13.

5. Inquiries

Please contact us by email; support[AT]

6. Amendment of the Application Privacy Policy

We may change the privacy policy of this application in accordance with the update of SimpleTouchPad. Please refer to the latest Application Privacy Policy when using SimpleTouchPad.

First published: 20 Sep, 2022