MicTrigger FAQ / Troubleshooting

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Voice Recognition

Panel reacts without voice
  • Reacts to environmental sound .. Try adjusting the Volume parameters. Open Calibration screen from Calibrate button or Options – Calibration menu, then measure volumes of Silent ~ Whisper to adjust. Tap Volume button to measure all volumes again, or tap each item to remeasure each individually.
  • Reacts to non-voice noises, such as typing keyboard .. Try adjusting the criteria for what is considered a voice. It can be improved by narrowing the limits of Upper / Lower Freq. Limit in Options – Parameters – Advanced, according to the nature of your voice.
    Note: calm voices may be ~200Hz(male), ~300Hz(female), but murmurs/whispers are lower and surprises are higher.

OBS connection

Cannot connect to OBS
  • Make sure your Android is connected to WiFi.
  • On OBS Studio, select Tools – Websocket Server Settings in menu, and set Enable WebSocket server: ON. If it is already ON, turn it OFF and Apply, then ON and Apply. Or, restart OBS Studio.
  • On Windows, please allow communication with OBS Studio in Windows Defender Firewall.
  • If you are using a security app, please allow the ports used for communication with OBS Studio’s websocket.
How to show/hide sources with the same name on OBS all at once?

Tap in Set OBS action, to switch the behaviour for multiple sources with the same label.
*To reflect the setting, reconnect to OBS.

Show/hide source action not reflected after the source is shown/hidden by manual or other app.

MicTrigger remembers the visibility of sources by last action, to reduce commands to OBS by skipping duplicated show/hide commands. For sources which may be shown/hidden manually or by other app, tap in Set OBS action and set Force send signal.

Show/hide source action not reflected after the scene is changed by manual or other app.

MicTrigger remembers the sources list of current scene, updated when MicTrigger switched the scene. To reflect the scene change by manual or other app, please reconnect to OBS by tapping twice OBS:Connected (or OBS:Streaming) .
*If the target sources are same in different scenes, MicTrigger’s action works. So you can prepare the common source set in scenes to switch to each other.

Show/hide source action not reflected after changing OBS scene collection

Reconnect to OBS after you changed the OBS scene collection. On MicTrigger, tap twice OBS:Connected (or OBS:Streaming) to disconnect and then reconnect.

HotKey: Screenshot overwrites the OBS screenshots!

In OBS, File – Settings – Advanced – Recordings. Then, append ‘%hh-%mm-%ss’ or such, to the setting of Filename Formatting.