MicTrigger available on Google Play

MicTrigger listens the sound to detect voices “roughly”, and triggers app launch, OBS operations, VTube Studio’s Hotkeys, Animaze’s QuickScenes / Emotes / Animations. MicTrigger does not recognize words, but detects voice-like (vowel-like) sounds with high sensitivity. Person who are not good at speaking out can also use it, by settings of “Respond to very low voices”, “Respond only to loud voices”, etc.

*This app operates other apps by using Android’s microphone, and does not have function to transfer / amplify the voices. (i.e. it’s not a so-called microphone app).

Decoration / switch for OBS streaming

MicTrigger can switch OBS Scene / Sources, via OBS websocket. You can add expressions which reacts to your voice, on the streaming screen.

  • Express voice reactions even when streaming without audio, or when muting the PC microphone.
  • Add expressions according to the volume on streaming with audio.
  • Tapping panel instead of voice also triggers the action.
  • Scenes / Sources can be select in MicTrigger app (via OBS websocket).
  • Prepare and use multiple reaction sets according to the situation.
  • Start / Stop streaming by pressing panel.

Setting Procedure with OBS

*OBS is an abbreviation for Open Broadcast Software, OBS Studio.
*OBS websocket is default interface of OBS Studio 28~.

Triggering VTube Studio’s HotKey

MicTrigger can press Screen Button Hotkey in VTube Studio.

  • In Vtube Studio on PC/Mac, prepare Hotkey Action for voice reaction, and set Screen Button.
  • In MicTrigger’s VTS or w/VTS (OBS+VTS) page, set triggering Screen Button for the voice panel.
  • In MicTrigger, tapping the panel instead of voice also triggers the hotkey.

Setting Procedure with VTube Studio

*VTube Studio is developed by DenchiSoft.
*This function is developed as VTube Studio Plugin.

Triggering Animaze’s Actions

MicTrigger can operate the avater in Animaze on PC.

  • Prepare QuickScene, and/or confirm Emotes, Animations in Animaze.
  • In MicTrigger’s ANM or w/ANM (OBS+ANM) page, set triggering each action for the voice panel.
  • In MicTrigger, tapping the panel instead of voice also triggers the action.

Setting Procedure with Animaze

*Animaze is developed by Holotech Studios Inc.
*This function is developed with reference to Animaze API.

Launch app / shortcut by voice for remote control

MicTrigger can also be used as an app / shortcut launcher that waits for audio.

  • Register remote controller app’s shortcut to operate it by audio.
  • Register Task shortcut (such as Tasker’s) to trigger.

Features unlocked by in-app purchase

  • Extra 2 panels for manual actions (triggered only on tap)
  • Release of page number limit (3 or more sets can be registered)
  • Customize the panel labels (from “HShort” and others)
  • Remove Ads banner

Please contact support[at]strai.x0.com for requests such as other apps that you want to link.