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FRep2 Precision Mode Setup Tool fails on Samsung devices of Android 13

Some reports from users of Samsung Galaxy series after updating to Android 13, FRep2 Precision mode setup tool fails with ‘Shell does not have permission to access user 150’ (or user 10) error. First, try following tool which uses alternative method. Each usage is the same with normal one.

[Precision mode setup tool for the permission issue]
for Windows, for Mac, for Linux
for another Android with USB host cable

If the same error occurs by the setup tool above, see followings.

The error message mentions that Samsung specific security (Secure Folder [user 150] or Work Profile [user 10]) inhibits the access to app information from USB debugging privilege. From the user’s report, the tool works after uninstalling Secure Folder (for issue by user 150), and/or removing Work Profile (for issue by user 10). However, please be aware that Secure Folder is a function related to the security of Samsung Galaxy devices, and/or Work Profile is managed system by device administrator. So if you decide to uninstall / remove it, please do so after thorough investigation / confirmation. We cannot guarantee the effects or results.

Or, you can use FRep2 Simple mode which does not require the setup from USB debugging.

Touch replay finishes without playing, in Precision mode

When FRep2 does not replay touches but shows ‘Finished’ in Precision mode, please refer followings.

– Do ‘Calibrate Input’

In FRep2 app, open Navigation menu and choose Calibrate Input and follow the shown instructions.  It will register and analyse the touch signals to switch the replay type for the touch input device.

If Calibrate Input is not in navigation menu, it has been already done, so see next section.  If you want Calibrate Input again, you can open it from Options.


– Set ‘Use hover signals’

In FRep2 app, open Navigation menu and choose Options – Precision Mode Settings, to change Use hover signals.  After the selected option matches the type of touch input device, the replaying touches will work.

* ‘Auto’ will choose the type from the result of Calibrate Input.

(Confirmed on Xperia Ace II, Android 11. Use hover signals: Off)