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Screen capture permission is frequently requested.

FRep2 captures screen only when necessary for recording / replaying of Image, OCR or Screenshot control.

Android 14’s behaviour

However, on Android 14, starting foreground Services with screen capture function requires the permission for it. So, FRep2 service releases the permission a few minutes (adjustable) after using it, or when screen is OFF. When the permission is released, the capturing icon at notification bar will disappear.

The request dialog open after the permission is released.

If you want to keep the permission for a longer time, change the Release Capture Permission in System Settings.

Skip request by grant permission to FRep2 app (Workaround)

If you have PC or Mac and USB cable for communication, you can grant screen capture permission to FRep2 to skip future requests / confirmations. The ‘frep2_grantcapture‘ script included with Precision Mode Setup tool will grant it to FRep2 app by USB debugging. After that, the screen capture permission will not be requested, even after rebooting Android.

*The request will not appear when starting FRep2 service on Android 14.

Please refer to the steps for each tool for instructions.

Image control fails.

The main cause of image recognition timeout (failure) is either “the designated image does not appear on the actual screen” or “failed to take a screenshot”. Please try the following to identify the cause and solve the issue.

Check the screenshot when the recognition failed

  1. In setting screen of the Image control, Advanced Settings (Adv. Settings) – On timeout, save screenshot: ON.
    *Requires storage (media) access permission for FRep2.
  2. Replay the record and confirm that image control actually fails.
  3. Open the setting screen of the Image control again, then tap Advanced Settings (Adv. Settings) – On timeout, save screenshot: ON to show the screenshot on failure.

Case A. “Cannot open Image.” message shown: Refer next section ‘In case screenshot capture fails’.

Case B. A black image instead of a screenshot: Refer next section ‘In case screenshot capture fails’.

Case C. A screenshot is displayed, but it is different from expected: If the timing of the taking screenshot is different, please adjust by increasing the Timeout(Rough) to extend the image recognition time.

Case D. A screenshot is displayed, but the position of the recognition target is different: The (target) app has been updated and the location of the recognition target has changed, or the recognition target is moveable. Please press the Retry button in the upper right corner and try changing the method to Search(Similarity) to search in the screen.
*If there are few patterns (there is no need to search), such as when only two positions appear, please add a new image control item for the location patterns.

Case E. A screenshot is displayed, but it looks like it should succeed: The reason why it fails is because “the color on the image data is different” or “the position is different”. Press the Retry button in the upper right corner, then; change the method to Color Similarity instead of Exact Match, adjust the similarity threshold if you have already set Color Similarity, or set Search(Similarity).

In case screenshot capture fails

*On apps that prohibit screen capture, any screen capture function will not work. On such apps, screenshot function cannot work even with the settings below.

Screenshot fails on Simple mode (Screen API)

Please try the following related settings.

  1. In Image control settings, Advanced Settings – First Delay: 0.3sec or such.
  2. FRep2 Options – Screenshot Settings – Avoid Dropping Images: Screen API or Apply to All.
Screenshot fails on Precision mode

Please try the following related settings, in order.

If the problem is not solved even with Screen API, refer the previous section for it.

FRep2 Precision Mode Setup Tool fails on Samsung devices of Android 13

Some reports from users of Samsung Galaxy series after updating to Android 13, FRep2 Precision mode setup tool fails with ‘Shell does not have permission to access user 150’ (or user 10) error. First, try following tool which uses alternative method. Each usage is the same with normal one.

[Precision mode setup tool for the permission issue]
for Windows, for Mac, for Linux
for another Android with USB host cable

If the same error occurs by the setup tool above, see followings.

The error message mentions that Samsung specific security (Secure Folder [user 150] or Work Profile [user 10]) inhibits the access to app information from USB debugging privilege. From the user’s report, the tool works after uninstalling Secure Folder (for issue by user 150), and/or removing Work Profile (for issue by user 10). However, please be aware that Secure Folder is a function related to the security of Samsung Galaxy devices, and/or Work Profile is managed system by device administrator. So if you decide to uninstall / remove it, please do so after thorough investigation / confirmation. We cannot guarantee the effects or results.

Or, you can use FRep2 Simple mode which does not require the setup from USB debugging.

Screenshots are not shown in file list

If some screenshot files are not shown in Select Screenshot Image dialog, check followings.

FRep2 checks if the image file; 1. is either of PNG, JPG(JPEG), BMP type; 2. has the width and height are equal or larger than those of the device screen*.

[on Android 10~, some specific devices]
Try Data Settings – Disable Media Filter: ON in the menu of Edit Sequence.

[In case the issue occurs after system update of the device]
On recent Android system, standard apps cannot access the files in non-public location. First, confirm the public location of the device for the images (such as ‘Images/Pictures’ ) in Select Screenshot Image dialog, by tapping Change or long-tapping Up button to switch the base referring location. If the required files are not there, please use some filer app to move them to the public location.

On Color OS 12 (Oppo), Tapping FRep2 notification does not show / hide the console

(Under investigation; temporary workaround)

Please try Options – Notification Settings – Delay on Tap notification: 2 sec or such.

To show the console without notification tap

Create new sequence from bottom* / last in list button, to create a record with ‘Show on any app’ setting. Then, on any apps (except for restricted ones), the FRep2 console will be shown.

After recording your operations from the console (Rec/Plate), you can delete or set ‘Stock’ the created record above.

To hide the console without notification tap

Long-tapping the upper button of the console will show Long-tap menu. Flick to Close console then finger off.

Some touches are not replayed

In case the replay does not play touch (while the corresponding cursor is shown), the device or the running app may be unable to receive the touch input. Try inserting the wait time before the touch to wait for the state to accept input. You can insert Wait control, or set Advanced: First Delay in Image control or such, in Edit Sequence.

*In case Replay setting: Skip first wait is set in Edit Record, first wait seconds are ignored in replay. You can switch it to Replay initial wait by tapping it.

Cases where the device or application does not accept touch input:
  • Immediately after confirming permission for screen capture at the start of replay. (On Android ~9, it may occur even after checking ‘Don’t show again’ in the dialog for confirmation)
  • Screen transition is not completed, because of the high load on the device.