Simple Mode Settings

Simple Mode Settings – in Options

Simple Mode Settings

Plate Pattern Pattern of background for recording plate with Simple mode

(Only with Unlock Key)
Plate Background Opacity Opacity of background for recording plate

On Android 12~, transparent / high transparency plate may not receive the touch.

Record on Simple mode

Recording Type Recording by Plate, with Simple mode

  • [Single] Record until pushing Finish button.
  • [Till Gap] Finish button, or detecting input gap (time no touched) will finish recording.
  • [Progress] Record until pushing Finish button. The record will be split by input gap.

Interval regarded as input gap Threshold of input gap for Recording Type [Till Gap] and [Progress].

Generate Wait Image Generate Image control for each taken screenshot, and followed touch point in recording. The generated controls are set as SKIPPED state.

Edit after Recording Open summary edit panel on recording finish.

Wait before hide Plate Delay to start touch after the finger up on plate. For supporting environment that fails to touch on recording with Plate.

Screenshot on Simple mode

Screenshot Type

  • No screenshot Do not take screenshot.
  • ScreenAPI Take screenshot by Android’s screen capturing API.
  • Prefer Precision Mode Method If Precision mode is available, use the setting of Precision mode. Or, use ScreenAPI.


Show Cursor on Replay During replay with Simple mode, show cursor at touched point. If the replay is multi-touch, only first finger will be shown.

Cursor Type Cursor type to show

Cursor Opacity Opacity of cursor

Cursor Frequency Drawing frequency of cursor.

Hide cursor after The time to keep the cursor visibility after last touch end.