FAQ / Troubleshooting

[Notification, Service]

On Android 13~, FRep2 notification does not appear.
How to remove ‘FRep2 is displaying over other apps’ from notification bar?
FRep2 notification is always ‘[Restricted for Current App]

How to stop FRep2 Service?

On Color OS 12 (Oppo), tapping FRep2 notification does not show / hide the console.


Replay, FRep2 Service or FRep2 Accessibility Service stops irregularly.
Screen capture permission is frequently requested.
Image control fails.
Image control / Scene check is slow.
Current app is not recognized correctly / The replay stopped with ‘App Changed’, ‘Protected App’
Some touches are not replayed


On recording with Plate (Simple mode), FRep2 does not touch screen.

[Unlock Key]

FRep2 Unlock Key is not activated, title shows ‘FRep2 (Free)’


Some records do not appear in the list when importing
Screenshots are not shown in file list

[Precision Mode]

Taken Screenshot is corrupted, in Precision mode (Setting example for Pixel 3a; 1080×2220)
Touch replay finishes without playing, in Precision mode (Confirmed on Xperia Ace II)
Touch replay’s coordinates are rotated, in Precision mode (Reported on LAVIE T11)
Touch operations are ignored or confused after interruption of replay, in Precision mode (Reported on Huawei devices)
Replay cancelled on Xiaomi devices of Android 10~.
Recording cancelled on Xiaomi devices.
Setup Tool fails on Samsung devices of Android 13.

For Precision mode, see also FRep support site, too.

[Device specific info]

Zenfone Max (Pro) M2 (Android 8, 8.1)