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FRep2 Unlock Key is not activated, title shows ‘FRep2 (Free)’

If the app shows ‘FRep2 (Free)’ title after you purchased and installed FRep2 Unlock Key, please confirm followings.

– In case Ad banner does not appear

If the advertising banner does not appear after some seconds at the bottom of FRep2 Records screen after some seconds from opening FRep2 app, Google Play Licensing failed to verify the license of FRep2 Unlock Key.  Try reboot your device first. Please confirm followings.

1. The account currently logged in to the Android device is the same as the account that purchased the app on Google Play.

2. The date and time of the Android device is correct.

3. If your device has Auto-start manager, Startup manager, Auto-run management or such function*, FRep2 Unlock Key can start in background. (Reported on Asus Zenfone 3, ROG Phone 2, 3)

Note: The expression of the setting may differ depending on its maker.  Please set to permit FRep2 Unlock Key to work in background. For other devices, please find in external site;

* Some makers’ Android devices have their specific app management settings, which may interfere the calling FRep2 Unlock Key for license verification, from FRep2 app.

4. Google Play is working, i.e. open Google Play app starts correctly, network available*, etc.

* Google Play Licensing connects to the network only when it is required.

If the issue persists, there may be a problem with Google Play’s operation. Please also check the workaround described in Google Play Help.

[Google Play Help]

– In case Ad banner appears

If the advertising banner appears at the bottom of FRep2 Records screen after some seconds from opening FRep2 app, there is a problem with the installation status.  Please try reinstalling FRep2 and/or FRep2 Unlock Key from Google Play.