Screenshot Settings

Screenshot Settings – in Options

Screenshot Settings

Oversized Screenshot Method to store too large screenshot data.

  • Save as a file Save as a file in app private folder.
  • Minify if possible Scale down to 1 / integer to reduce data size.
  • Both Store both of the above.

Avoid Dropping Images Avoid failure of taking screenshot for still screen situation.

  • None Take no action to avoid.
  • Screen API Avoid for taking screenshot by Screen API method.
  • Apply to BMP, PNG Avoid for taking screenshot by BMP or PNG method.
  • Apply to All Avoid for taking screenshot by any method.

Save in Scene Check Whether to apply or ignore ‘Save screenshot on success / timeout’ setting of Image control, during Scene Check. For evaluation of the prepared Image control(s) with Scene number settings, check this ON and set the setting(s).

First Delay in Scene Check Initial delay before taking screenshot at start of Scene Check. If the screenshot for Scene Check has remains of screen capture confirmation, set larger delay.

Screen API Settings

Video on Recording with Precision mode With Screenshot Method: Screen API setting, shoot a video during recording operations with Precision mode.

  • None Do not shoot a video.
  • 1/1 video Shoot a video of the same size.
  • 1/# video Shoot a scaled video.

Adjust Video Size Adjust data stride (size for each line of screen, depending on the orientation of the device) for video encoding codec. The data stride will be adjusted to a multiple of the specified px.  If the preview image of the record operation with Precision Mode is abnormal (slanted, out of color, etc.), try changing it.

Adjust Encoder Buffer Adjust data position for video encoding codec. If Adjust Video Size does not solve the problem, try setting Spacer(Even) or Spacer(Odd).

Frame Rate Frame per second of video on recording. Under highly-loaded state, it may be under the set value.

Bitrate Weighting Factor The weighting factor for bitrate of video. Higher bitrate will make higher image quality.  Actual bitrate is calculated by width x height x factor.  The width and height values depend on Video on Recording with Precision Mode, above.

Keyframe Interval The interval seconds between the keyframes of video. At keyframe, video data has whole screen image, so the interval effects the quality and the video file size.

Adjust Frame Pickup The adjustment value to extract the screenshot for preview from the video. The value determines the timing of extraction frame as screenshot, from the video and the touched time.  The larger value will get more past frame from touched time.

Keep Cache Video (for support) Keep video files of .mp4 after recording, in app’s private cache folder.

Retrieve Sync Frame Request SYNC frame when extracting frame from video.  It depends on the built-in decoder of Android device.

BGR-type Screen Convert screen buffer as BGR type. If this option is ON, calculate screen buffer as BGR instead of RGB.  Switch this option when the resulting image’s red and blue elements are reversed.

Skip Alpha Check Even if the taken screenshot contains transparency, use it for Image control without fixing. For standard environment, keep switching it OFF (Default).