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To open navigation menu, tap at top-left, or swipe from left-edge to right.

Status of FRep2 Service

Recording / Replaying touch operations are called from FRep2 Service. As a whole flow; 1. Start FRep2 Service, 2. Open the app on which you want to record / replay, 3. Start recording / replaying from FRep2 console.

If FRep2 service is available, the navigation menu shows the state as followings.  To stop FRep2 service manually, tap the upper icon in menu.

Simple modePrecision modeBoth mode
Simple modePrecision modePrecision/Simple mode (Both available)

If FRep2 service is not available, cyan messages will be shown as required setup steps. Tap the message or refer the Setup steps.

Records .. Manage and edit records.

Apps .. Apps that restrict or allow FRep2’s functions.

Status .. Current status, support info.

Options .. Settings for each function.

Setup .. Steps for setup each mode, related Android settings.

Online Manual .. open this site.

If the Precision mode is available, and the calibrated data has not obtained, Calibrate Input is also displayed.