Notification Settings

Notification Settings – in Options

Notify on Record

Notify Record Process Popup notification on recording process and/or finish.

Notify on Replay

Notify Replay Process Popup notification on replay process and/or finish.

Mute Process Type Item type(s) in the sequence, not to show popup notification on replay.

Combine Plain Popups If multiple popup notifications are reserved in a short time, combine them to show single one.

Hide Popup on Replay Hide popup notification and replay cursor (of simple mode), on screenshot and/or touch control.

Action when Replay Ends Notify with vibration and/or sound on replay finish/abort.


Custom Popup Type Method to display popup notification.

  • Auto Auto select according to environment.
  • Built-in Toast Use Toast of Android OS.
  • Accessibility Service Use Accessibility Service’s overlay.

Popup Position Location of popup notification.

Minimum Popup Time When multiple popup notifications are shown continuously, display each one at least the specified time.

Status Bar

Notification Icon Icon in status bar.

  • Show Rest Repeat No. Show icon in status bar. In replay with repeat, display repeat times of 1~10+.
  • Show Plain Icons Show icon in status bar. No repeat times.

(Only with Unlock Key)
Transparent in Play/Stay Use transparent icon in playing, in staying (no record/replay), or in both of playing and staying.

Delay on Tap Notification (for support) Wait before switching show/hide FRep2 console when tapped the FRep2 notification.

Show Current App (for support) Show current app information in FRep2 notification bar.

Close Bar on Notification Tap On Tapping FRep2 notification or the button of it in status bar, close the status bar. (removed because of limitation)