For one-hand operation, SimpleTouchPad is available.

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FRep2 available on Google Play

(Latest version 1.9, 10 Mar [change log])

FRep2 Unlock Key is also available to unlock all features

FRep2 for Android 7~ (8.1 or later recommended)

FRep2 is app for recording / replaying touch/key operations, the successor of FRep – Finger Replayer (FRep(1)). It can take screenshot, and recognize image to deal with various situations such as flexible network load or multiple scenes. See also the tutorial videos.

New features;

  • New Record/Replay system [Simple mode] which does not require setup tool or USB debugging.
  • Record/Replay system [Precision mode] like FRep(1), which requires setup tool and USB debugging.
  • Scene check, which selects start point of replay by current scene, i.e. FRep2 tests multiple Image recognition to decide proper start point.

For users require more precise replay than Simple mode based on Accessibility service, you need setup Precision mode with USB debugging connection like FRep(1) by the tool;

FRep2 1.9 (Details of updates)

  • Added some languages based on machine translation.
  • Added ‘Switch Grid/List’ in Editor Settings of Records menu, to show the many records in list view.
  • Fixed some translated description.

FRep2 1.9RC for beta test (finished): To Join or Leave the beta test, open the link and select Become a tester or Leave the program.