Screen capture permission is frequently requested.

FRep2 captures screen only when necessary for recording / replaying of Image, OCR or Screenshot control.

Android 14’s behaviour

However, on Android 14, starting foreground Services with screen capture function requires the permission for it. So, FRep2 service releases the permission a few minutes (adjustable) after using it, or when screen is OFF. When the permission is released, the capturing icon at notification bar will disappear.

The request dialog open after the permission is released.

If you want to keep the permission for a longer time, change the Release Capture Permission in System Settings.

Skip request by grant permission to FRep2 app (Workaround)

If you have PC or Mac and USB cable for communication, you can grant screen capture permission to FRep2 to skip future requests / confirmations. The ‘frep2_grantcapture‘ script included with Precision Mode Setup tool will grant it to FRep2 app by USB debugging. After that, the screen capture permission will not be requested, even after rebooting Android.

*The request will not appear when starting FRep2 service on Android 14.

Please refer to the steps for each tool for instructions.