System Info

  • [Unlocked] … with FRep2 Unlock Key
  • Model name
  • Android OS version
  • Screen resolution
  • Precision/Simple … Operation mode to use
  • BatteryOpt … Shown when FRep2 is target of Battery Optimisation of the device. If this is shown, the FRep2 Service may be shutdown by Android OS (or maker customized function).
  • Calibrated … Shown after Calibrate Input on Precision mode
  • Version number of running subsystem for record / replay

(Right icon shows current screen rotation.)

Input devices

Input devices (touchscreen, internal keyboard, etc.) list retrieved with Precision mode (only for support)

Function menus for support.

Reload … under Precision mode, reload input devices.

Edit … under Precision mode, edit the order of input devices.

Save … under Precision mode, save the edited input devices.

Copy support info … Copy information for support* to clipboard.
*Information above, last used, last error of FRep2 app.