Loop / Section

[Loop / Section] [Important Notes]

Status, Tag, Label (Common settings)

In settings pane, tapping top icon opens settings to set the item’s state.

Set normal state.

Set skipped state, to disable the item.

Set marked state, as preferred destination.

Set last destination of Scene Check. If Scene Check does not match any scenes, the sequence starts from the item.

In Label, tag color and name of the item can be set.

Set tag color. Default color is transparent, at the top-left in tag color palette.

Edit label.

Loop / Section

Loop will repeat the item surrounded by Start and End a specified number of times. If the number is set to 1, it does not repeat and becomes Section item, just for appearance in sequence list.

The Loop / Section consists of Start and End, and is displayed in the list:

  • The items in Loop / Section are displayed with indentation.
  • Tapping the left number / + in the list, or choosing Collapse / Expand in each menu will switch the visibility of the items between.
  • With Item Appearance – Slim Loop/Section, the Start and End items will be shown with short size.


Times to run the items between Start and End.

  • No repeat, as Replay: 1 time, as Section.
  • Replay designated times for repeat, as Loop.
  • Infinite replay, as Loop.

Each time the sequence reaches the End item, the number of repeated time is counted, and if it is less than the specified number, the sequence moves to Start item. To exit the loop, set the inner item’s destination to an item that does not reach the End item.

Important Notes

When building repetitive or long-time replay sequence, try to reduce the load on the device itself and the communication partner as much as possible. Specifically, you can reduce the load by adding a Wait control for long-time replay, and/or reducing the number of Repeat.

For long-time Replay, consider the load of the device itself and the load of the communication destination of the app operated by Replay. Long-term loads not considered by the manufacturer can cause overheating and consequent malfunctions if Replay continues to be processed by the device at all times.

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